William Creek
Collage of William Creek.

This introduction to the William Creek Hotel website probably tells the whole story -

'william creek is the smallest settlement in south australia with a permanent population of 3 humans and a dog.

located 165km from the nearest neighbouring town you could say it's situated next to nothing.

however, it sits in the biggest cattle station in australia,

is the halfway point of the ruggedly famous oodnadatta track,

is the hub of wrightsair scenic flights and up the road is lake eyre, the largest lake and lowest point on the continent.

but most of all it is home to the william creek hotel

william creek, middle of nowhere, outback south australia.'

What's more, it's all true. William Creek is the midway point on the Oodnadatta Track. If you are in town then the track is how you arrived. The only other way is by charter plane.

Anna Creek Station is not only the largest cattle station in Australia, it's the largest in the world. At six million acres it's a big patch of not very much at all and William Creek sits smack in the middle of it. In fact the homestead at Anna Creek Station is about the same size as William Creek the town.

Lake Eyre is just up the road and apart from a walk to Breakfast Time Creek, a scenic flight over Lake Eyre is the pinnacle of tourism based activities here. Oh, there is a tiny museum across from the pub and a camel safari is available in the cooler months.

William Creek is a fitting finale to our '100' Outback Towns series. If you have only one opportunity to experience the real outback of Australia then cruising down the Oodnadatta Track to spend a night in this town could be one of the best ways to spend your time.

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