Collage of Tibooburra.

Considered the most isolated town in New South Wales Tibooburra hides in the north west of the state in the region known as Corner Country. Close to the junction of South Australia, Queensland and of course N.S.W. Tibooburra has become a bit of a tourism hotspot. Not that there is a great deal to see. Tibooburra makes a good base to further explore the rugged landscape of The Sturt National Park and Cameron Corner. That's not to suggest the town should be bypassed. Tiboorurra is best known for the granite outcrops peppered around the town, the fine historic buildings crafted from local stone and a replica of the whaleboat that Charles Sturt dragged around the interior hoping to discover the great inland sea.

The Family Hotel which harks back to 1883 has been used as a canvas by some of Australia's most well known artists and the walls reveal paintings by people such as Russell Drysdale and Clifton Pugh.

The Malyangapa, Wadigali and Wongkumara peoples wandered around Tibooburra for 25,000 years prior to white settlement and sites of cultural significance can be discovered throughout this arid landscape. In town the Tiboburra 'Keeping Place' has a range of aboriginal artefacts on display.

Tibooburra is home to around 260 residents but back in the early 1880's it was a settlement of hopeful activity as over a thousand men had made the move to 'The Granites' as Tibooburra was originally known. Gold had been discovered and the towns of Milparinka and Tibooburra developed in order to service the gold rush. Tibooburra managed to survive when the gold eventually ran out and is still the regional centre for the pastoral industry.

Even the traveller of the 1880's found Tibooburra to be an isolated and desolate place and for many years undeveloped roads and remoteness kept the tourists at bay. It's a dry environment averaging only 200mm of rainfall a year and cited as the hottest town in N.S.W.

Broken Hill is 340km south and is considered the iconic outback town of N.S.W. but if you're looking for something a little quieter and a little less 'touristy' then this little settlement in the middle of nowhere may just be the spot.

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