Collage of Richmond.

A dollar is all it will cost you to buy a block of land in Richmond, a small north-west Queensland pastoral town. It's not the first time the Richmond Shire council has tried to generate immigration interest in the shire, with another offer of one dollar land being declared a success in 2008. The proviso? You build a house and move there within two years.

And why would you want to relocate to Richmond, you may ask. Well, Richmond proudly declares itself an - 'Oasis in the Outback' , halfway between Townsville and Mount Isa on the 'Overlanders Way'. Richmond has a wealth of pioneering history and a host of local attractions.

If you're into history how about some of the prehistoric flavour. Richmond is the home to the Australian dinosaur, part of a paleontological triangle that includes the nearby towns of Hughenden and Winton. Richmond became the dinosaur hub of Queensland in 1989 when a 100 million year old 'pliosaur' was uncovered at nearby Marathon Station. The location is the geological centre of an ancient inland sea and continually reveals new dinosaur discoveries.

If dinosaurs aren't enough to make you move then consider that Richmond makes up part of a tourist route that calls itself the 'Outback Adventure Trail', a highway trek that incorporates such towns as Charleville, Mount Isa, Longreach, Birdsville and Bouila.

What's more Richmond has converted a gully ridden hole in the centre of town into a scenic lake - Lake Fred Tritton, named for a former mayor and local identity. The lake has brought a water playground to a location that at best is described as 'semi-arid with only average rainfall'. The lake has been stocked with eighteen species of fish so recreational anglers needn't miss out because they reside in the bush.

Richmond's history is preserved in many of the old buildings, the pioneer cemetery and at Kronosaurus Corner, which is the official visitor centre. The town also has a fully restored Cobb & Co stagecoach on display. If all of this is not enough to entice you then how about six outback race meetings per year, the biennial 'Fossil Festival' featuring the World Moonrock Throwing Competition and to top it off, Richmond is a birdwatchers delight.

Tempted to make the move? Send a dollar to the Richmond Shire and start packing.

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