Collage of Bedourie.

Bedourie has been having a growth spurt in the last ten years and the tiny township now boasts a population of 140.

The famous Royal Hotel was built in the 1880's and the bricks were hand made from local clay and soil. It's a testament to the endurance and determination of the early settlers that the pub is still proudly in service today. It also doubles as the local post office.

Apart from the historic pub the town has an aquatic centre, library, museum and bush golf course. Bedourie was built on a sand hill beside Eyre Creek so don't expect lush green fairways and trimmed greens. It's dirt all the way. The racecourse is the social hub of the town and serves up real outback horse racing as well as being the opening venue on Queensland's lucrative camel racing calendar. Much like the golf course you can expect to eat some dust at racing events.

Bedourie is the administrative centre for the Diamantina Shire and the town exists solely because of the cattle industry, tourism and travellers. At first inspection it's hard to imagine anything thriving in the dry environment but it's prime grazing country and when it rains - It Rains. The flood plains can extend 80km across and townsfolk can be stranded for weeks at a time.

The shire and towns and stations within the shire occupy an area twice as large as Tasmania. Most settlements occurred as a direct response to service the pastoralists who began settling in the 1870's.

The region also saw many of the pioneering explorers pass through or nearby. Men like Charles Sturt, Burke and Wills, McKinlay and Landsborough have all left some history here.

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