Collage of Augathella.

Originally named Burenda Township then Ellangowan, Augathella became the final name of the Southwest Queensland town so as to avoid confusion with Ellangowan Parish. Described in the Australian Handbook of 1903 as a place Mulga soil and beautiful prairie plains Augathella grew to service the needs of local graziers.

At one time the town was adorned with 2 hotels, 5 stores, 2 blacksmiths, 2 saddler's shops, a hairdresser and the obligatory courthouse and police barracks.

It is a town brimming with history and a pride in preserving it. A photographic exhibition pays tribute to pioneering days of both Augathella and nearby Charleville while The 'Kenniff Tree' remembers the times when the infamous Kenniff Brothers, Australia's last bushrangers, roamed the grass plains stealing stock and creating mayhem. Patrick Kenniff was eventually hanged in Boggo Road Prison for the murders of a police constable and a local station manager.

Augathella also displays local street art. Well known for a series of colourful murals that adorn many of the town walls the main street also acts as gallery for a collection of wrought iron sculptures.

If metal sculptures are your thing then the Meat Ant Park has a towering copper, steel and brass statue of a meat ant celebrating the local football team - The 'Augathella Meat Ants'.

This was originally sheep country but like much of Northern Australia's pastoral land was converted for cattle grazing. The Council can offer directions and advice about the Augathella 4x4 Stock Routes Trail while the Heritage Trail walks you past some of the towns history.

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