Collage of Arkaroola.

Arkaroola makes this list because its great outlook and location make it a unique settlement in Outback Australia. Technically it's called Arkaroola Village and it's gazetted as a private wildlife sanctuary rather than an official town. In reality the village is a lodge style resort. Arakoola exists because of visionary Reg Sprigg's devotion to conservation and ecology. In 1968 Sprigg purchased 610 square kilometres of marginal pastoral land in South Australia's stunning Flinders Ranges and began the conversion to a wildlife sanctuary.

The famous explorer Edward John Eyre passed through the area as early as 1840 and later exploration revealed copper, gold and gemstone deposits. Uranium was actively mined during World War 2. Ironically the uranium was discovered by Douglas Mawson who went from the arid Arkaroola interior to explore the Antarctic.

If the history of Arkaroola is interesting then the environment is doubly fascinating. It's an ancient place with rocks estimated at over 1000 million years old. Mountains, dry lakes, creeks, waterholes and geological attractions abound and the place is an inspiration for artists, photographers, movie makers and astrologists.

Arkaroola and the whole Flinders Ranges are a 4WD Mecca with off-road loops, tracks and camping opportunities. Arkaroola Village is a credit to the vision of Reg Sprigg and his family whose work allows visitors the chance to experience a 'real' outback environment.

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