Collage of Amby.

The Darling Downs Gazette of 1868 announced that annual mail contracts had been awarded for southwest Queenland. Amby Downs station was to be serviced along with Roma and Mitchell Downs for the princely sum of £160. Delivery was to occur once a week - on horseback.

The mail run wasn't the only regular equine visitor to the region. The Amby Downs Waterhole known locally as 'The Netting Hole' was established in 1875 as a changeover point for the Cobb and Co stagecoach line and the community that developed around it was known as Amby Creek. The 'Creek' was eventually dropped and the township became Amby.

Amby officially became a town in 1883 and can be considered as the place in agricultural Queensland where cropping land gives way to grazing land or as it's termed - 'where the grain belt meets the grazing belt'.

On the western side of town lies the Amby Quarry, an ancient lava field that today serves up basalt for road and civil construction. Occasionally a fossil turns up amongst the rubble.

Established as railway town to house rail workers and their families at one time the town boasted 2 hotels, a butcher and bakery, local store and a racecourse. Today 1 hotel has faded into oblivion as have most of the townsfolk. The train station has closed and only 140 stalwart residents remain although a nine hole golf course proudly fulfils local sporting ambition. It's affectionately known as the 'No Horse Golf Course.' Recent coal mining activity in the area may yet boost the town's fortunes.

Amby has a peculiar set of demographics. According to the 2011 census the average was 52 years, 15 years higher than the Australian average. 90% of the townsfolk were born in Australia while 100% speak English as their native tongue. The religious make up is predominately christian. Apparently multicultural Australia hasn't arrived in Amby. The unemployment rate is zero.

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