Waychinicup is a national park 400km southeast of Perth and just 65km from the historic colonial Port town of Albany.

Not far from Cheynes Beach, Waychinicup is a little known treasure nestled on the southern coastline of Western Australia.

Like much of the region, the area is undeveloped and virtually unspoilt. Offering little opportunity for agricultural development this part of the world is filled with these small undisturbed sanctuaries that hug the coast and provide a stunning backdrop for a camping expedition.

Waychinicup National Park is refreshing in that it charges no entry or camping fees, although the services are so limited that it may be considered unfair if DEC decided to implement any fee.

Camping Only

The mouth of the Waychinicup River is an unusual place. The camping ground here is small, affording only a basic individual square of dirt for a handful of groups. However it is unlikely that you will find it packed to the rafters unless you make a late decision to head out on a summers long weekend.

Caravans are not allowed and cannot access the designated campsites and the majority of the sites offer only enough room for a tent and some equipment.

Where the River Meets the Ocean

The river mouth is a scenic place where round boulders frame a natural inlet for the blue waters of the Southern Ocean. The appearance of the ocean hovering just beyond the final discharge of the Waychinicup River creates a remarkable scene.

Unique Terrain & Friendly Wildlife

The whole region is a series of crevices and crannies and thick scrubby coastal bush. Home to various marsupials including Quenda, Ring Tail Possum and numerous species of birds it is not uncommon to have to share quarters with the local wildlife.

The hills that are strewn with polished granite boulders and the green foliage and crystal waters make for a unique and memorable place to visit.

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