Tasmania 5 Must See Places

On compiling a top 5 list for every state in Australia we are bound to upset someone. Somebody’s favourite destination will have been left off while another person may find the inclusion of one place over another outrageous.

Tasmania is remarkable in that it contains a vast amount to see and do in a comparatively small region when compared to the other states. The scenery as a whole is sensational while the history and architecture of the island is fascinating.

By narrowing the list down to 5 essentials we hope to include 5 completely different experiences for each state.

So in no particular order and with no apologies:

1. Cradle Mountain is a region in its own right and not just a solitary mountain. Breathtaking scenery, from the worm’s eye perspective from Dove Lake to the walking trails on the mountain itself. Take a hike and stay a night at one of the lightly outfitted Cradle Huts on a walking trail. It’s not really camping - it may be better. Take a horse ride keeping a lookout for a Tasmanian Devil, a Common Wombat, a Spotted-Tail Quoll, or a Tasmanian Pademelon. Stunning landscape and stunning vegetation.

2. Flinders Island, is accessed by air meaning the start of the trip is a visual feast in itself or by an equally enjoyable ferry ride. It is possible to ferry your vehicle across but much simpler to hire a car on arrival and head off and discover the place by accident. With around 450km of roads on the island a self drive visit is ideal. Climb Mt Strzelecki for the views, dig for ‘Killecrankie Diamonds’, snorkel, scuba dive, go camping and fishing, take a cruise or find your own personal beach somewhere. Flinders has some great eateries with many displaying local art and crafts.

3. West Coast Wilderness Railway is a 35 kilometres, 100 year old rail route that was chiselled from the Tasmanian wilderness to ship copper to the port of Strahan. The original steam locomotives and coaches are still used on the line and span trestle bridges that cross rainforest filled gorges. Constant breath taking scenery and while aboard you can enjoy local wines, cheeses and pastries in a style long gone.

4. Port Arthur offers a real insight into Australia’s convict history with the colonial convict built architecture being the real attraction. The historical information is plentiful and genuinely informative and interesting. Because you are in Tasmania the scenery is, as always, beautiful with cruises and tours available on the harbour.

5. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is a mouthful and doesn’t describe a truly beautiful part of the world. To really experience Tasmania means getting immersed in the landscape in some form or another and the Franklin-Gordon region is accessible to bushwalking, boat tours and rafting. Get downstream along the Franklin and experience poster-like scenery and pristine wilderness.

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