The RV market has been booming for the last ten years with more folk hitting the highways than ever before.

From massive fifth wheelers to camper trailers designed to take you to the remotest outback corner, the choice for the recreational vehicle buyer has never been better. But which RV is best - campervan, motorhome, slide-on camper?

There is no right answer. It comes down to your needs, preferences and lifestyle choices. We take a more in-depth look at RV styles at Caravan, Motorhome or Camper Trailer?

The chart below lists the major players of the Australian recreational vehicle market and is a guide only. Manufacturer's are constantly updating their products with greater levels of luxury and ingenuity and RV fit-out levels vary from mild to wild.

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   motor home 4WD motor home caravan fifth  wheeler  camper  van 4WD camper camper trailer slide-on camper
doesn't require towing      
easy towing load            
relatively good depreciation            
economical to buy        
economical to run        
cheap licencing fee        
fuel efficient by comparison            
needs minimal setup          
good resale value            
ultimate level of comfort            
proper kitchen        
toilet and shower as standard          
sleeps more than 2 in comfort            
home entertainment system            
good level of security      
living access while mobile        
large storage areas        
separate vehicle and living area        
no specialised tow vehicle    
4WD capable        
good insulation        
good head clearance          
easy to store          
no engine maintenance        
elevated driving position            
comparatively easy manoeuvring    
doubles as everyday car            
easy to drive in town      
easy to couple/decouple              
standard tow hitch            
can tow something else      
robust build        
standard drivers license      
easy boarding        

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