Point Ann - Cheadanup Cliffs

Point Ann may well be the ultimate Australian, land based location to watch migrating whales slip up the Western Australian coast.

Southern Right Whales come to calve each year in the calm waters of the bay, which is surely one of the most stunning pieces of southern coastline on offer in Australia.

Occasional visits by Humpbacks or Blue Whales are possible and the crystal waters are home to a plethora of marine life including dolphin, seals and sea lion.

Point Ann
Whale Watching

Point Ann is worth a visit regardless of the time of the year although the winter winds that assail the southern coast can be bitter. July to October are the whale watching months while the summer months from December through February bring fantastic warm days to enjoy the beaches.


Point Ann is regulated by DEC (Department of Environment & Conservation), who provide camping facilities on the beach that include solar showers, toilets, sun shelters and gas barbeques. The cliffs are adorned with 2 walkways and 2 viewing platforms that overlook the bay. Payment works on an honour system.

Almost Undiscovered

Point Ann is a relatively isolated hook on the W.A. coastline and as such, currently receives only a pittance of the traffic it rightfully deserves. The surrounding area and the bay attract the attention of universities and biodiversity study groups who come to study the marine life of an untouched seascape and undeveloped landscape.

It is remarkable that places like Point Ann and others along this coastline escape with such little tourist attention or developmental pressure.

This is a breathtakingly beautiful place and it is possible to have it all to yourself if luck and timing are on your side. But we suspect - not for long.

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