4WD Guide

Information and techniques for getting the most from your four wheel drive.

  • Comprehensive Driving Techniques for all surfaces.
  • Simple technical explanations.
  • Proven recovery procedures.
  • 4WD Equipment - what's necessary.
  • Hill and Stall Start Recovery.
  • How to drive on sand, rocks, mud, snow.
  • River and Creek Crossings.
  • Gravel and Corrugations.
  • Winches and winching techniques.
  • How to get 'Unbogged'.
  • and much, much more.
Who is the Guide For?

It's for anyone interested in four wheel driving. From the absolute beginner to more experienced drivers looking for some tips to enhance their driving skills.

If you can drive a regular car then you can drive a 4WD. Off-road driving isn't difficult and it shouldn't be daunting. All that is required is a basic understanding of how to engage the 4WD system and then the application of some common sense driving techniques.

We explain the fundamental workings of a four wheel drive system and examine the terminology and some of the 4WD enhancements available on modern 4WD vehicles.

The guide looks at all the off-road surfaces you are likely to encounter and how to go about negotiating their different handling characteristics. There are explanations and procedures for getting a bogged vehicle out of trouble, winching techniques and the classic stall-start recovery.

We take a look at recovery gear and a basic 4WD tool kit that enables you to repair most track-side break downs and we look at few handy accessories that don't take up a lot of room and but prove invaluable additions to your off-road tools.

4WD Guide Cover

The Complete Guide To 4WD contains 105 pages of first-hand information, hints, tips and techniques about driving a four wheel drive.

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Ed and the Outback Crossing Team

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