101 Things to See and Do in Australia Part 2

Compiling a Definitive 101 list for a country as vast as Australia is an impossible task. Very few individuals will have experienced every place on this list intimately - because getting to know and understand a location or event requires many visits - across multiple seasons - with varying attitudes and discriminations.

Obviously a 20 year old French backpacker will not experience the National Gallery of Victoria in the same way as a seasoned art critic - while a 70 year old ‘Grey Nomad’ with arthritic knees will probably not get the best from the most difficult climbing route at Mt. Arapiles.

Fond childhood memories of places cannot be trusted either - as evidenced when an adult returns to a location to find everything somehow smaller and less impressive, or the opposite – a boring destination, too sophisticated for a child to appreciate, may render fantastic facts and curiosities to an older audience.

No survey can possibly hope to gather an accurate and collective experience of these places and the following list makes no pretentions as to being the ultimate record of this continents offerings.

The list contains the iconic Australian Destinations – those places emblazoned across postcards and sent to all corners of the world. It also contains other interesting and popular places that seem to resonate in different people in different ways.

So without further ado and in no particular order -

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51. Spend 8 seconds hanging onto a saddle bronc at the Mt Isa Rodeo and suck up the dust of the biggest rodeo in the southern hemisphere. (QLD)
52. Paddle one of the world’s great wilderness regions for a 7 day camping and kayaking trek, on the famous Franklin River, before the 1400 metre hike up stunning Frenchmans Cap. (TAS)
53. Paint your lips and grab your whips regardless of whether you’re straight or gay and head down to Sydney and see the spectacle that is the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. (NSW)
54. Pump up the bike tyres or hire one when you arrive and grab a ferry for the 14km crossing from Perth to the car-free, care-free, frill-free island of Rottnest. (WA)
55. Choose your horse, pull on the spurs and ride out to the Flinders Ranges to help drove 500 cattle across the Australian interior on The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive. (SA)
56. Fly to the bays and the hills and the natural lagoon that are all that remains of an ancient volcano, the fabulous Island getaway off the NSW coast – Lord Howe Island. (NSW)
57. Take a step back into Australia’s gold mining past and visit Sovereign Hill, a town recreated within another town – Ballarat, home to a mine full of gold history. (VIC)
58. Pay homage to one mans dream at Paronella Park where Jose Paronella created a remarkable tribute to his native Spain and wrapped it with 7000 trees. (QLD)
59. Throw the sandboard into the back of the 4WD and head to Port Stephens and The Stockton Bight Sand Dunes for a board riding, sand-driving bonanza. (NSW)
60. Spend a night at one of the many vibrant venues or the night markets - then wake up to the delights of Luna Park and Melbourne’s favourite patch of sand - St Kilda Beach. (VIC)
61. Pull on some technical shoes and half swim, half rock climb , half bush walk every individual gorge that makes up Karijini in the Pilbara’s Hamersley Ranges. (WA)
62. Find another gear and explore the Flinders Ranges on a 4WD expedition around the 17km long - 7 km wide natural amphitheatre that is Wilpena Pound. (SA)
63. If you cannot get your tongue around Kata Tjuta simply call them The Olgas but anyway you do it make sure to see these red ‘Many Heads’ boulders in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. (NT)
64. Take a bite out of Sharks Bay, a World Heritage Listed nature park with a 1500km coastline and a stellar array of marine life and natural attractions. (WA)
65. Down a 5am rum tot at the War Memorial in Canberra for the Anzac Day Dawn Service and commemorate the losses of war before engaging in a game of ‘two up’ for lunch. (ACT)
66. Arrive an hour prior for wine and aperitifs, book another round for interval and listen to a classic Italian opera sung in Italian by truly talented performers at the Sydney Opera House. (NSW)
67. Take a punt and squeeze in with 100,000 of the most enthusiastic sports fans in the nation for the Melbourne AFL Grand Final, the spiritual home of Australian Rules Football. (VIC)
68. Pack the camping gear, dustproof the 4WD and spend at least one week driving and exploring the Gibb River Road before it becomes bitumized and someone builds a city there. (WA)
69. Fish the mouth of a Northern Territory river during The Runoff – when the waters of the interior recede at the end of the wet season and the Barramundi chase the last frog out. (NT)
70. Find inspiration for your inner artist at The National Gallery of Victoria, the country’s oldest and largest gallery housing famous Australian artists and works by the European Masters. (VIC)
71. Brush up on the colonial history and architecture or take in the amazing coastline and environs of Albany – old whaling town and first settlement in Western Australia. (WA)
72. Savour the colours, sounds and sights of Darwin’s Mindil Beach Markets, a kaleidoscope of exotic tastes and images - representative of this diverse city. (NT)
73. Mosey on out to Longreach to absorb some mustering culture at the Australian Stockman’s Hall Of Fame or some aviation history at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum. (QLD)
74. Get down, way down – camping and hiking the most southern tip of mainland Australia, the 130km stretch of coast and National Park known as ‘The Prom” or Wilsons Promontory. (VIC)
75. Reevaluate preconceived ideas of Australia as just a red desert continent and ski into the white snowfields of an alpine village as you discover Thredbo. (NSW)
76. Saddle up for the second most famous horse racing event in Australia and ride out to Birdsville to pick a winner in the annual Birdsville Races. (SA)
77. Wax the board, cleanse the palate and head down to Margaret River to experience the celebrated surf and wine mecca of Western Australia’s southwest region. (WA)
78. Explore by four wheel drive the mighty Simpson Desert - a rolling panorama of sand dunes, impossible horizons and breathtaking sunsets . (CENTRAL)
79. Paddle your own canoe, hike your own trail or pitch your own tent through the winding gorges and swimming holes of Nitmiluk National Park and the Katherine Gorge. (NT)
80. The home of many world class events is a also a native flora and fauna haven - waddle over to Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre and the Wildlife Park. (VIC)
81. The name says it all at the Wide Bay Australia Bundy Thunder Powerboat Races, the fastest event on water and held every year at Sandy Hook, Bundaberg. (QLD)
82. Take the barge and deflate the tyres for a 4WD paradise for the off-road enthusiast - an island with a 75 mile sand highway following the fantastic fishing beaches of Fraser Island. (QLD)
83. Tour a city created as the ultimate tribute to itself - Canberra, the keeper of the nations history, art and culture and the political face of Australia. (ACT)
84. Scale the dizzy heights of Mt Arapiles, a world recognized rock climbing destination in the heart of some of Victoria’s prettiest country. (VIC)
85. Squeeze in between a stretch of carved coastline that lies between the Great Australian Bight and Spencers Gulf and shines alongside both as a visual delight – The Eyre Peninsular. (SA)
86. Hoist the main sail, break out the suntan lotion and lay back on the fore deck of a yacht as she sails between the 74 pearls that make up The Whitsunday Islands. (QLD)
87. Steam back in time and travel the 1896 West Coast Wilderness Railway, a 35km train line that crosses spectacular bridges, ancient rainforest and rugged gorges. (TAS)
88. Pack a lunch and water bottle and peddle a pushbike out to the National Park and the West MacDonnell Ranges to find an inspired landscape of hidden rock pools and gorges. (NT)
89 Head out west to the remarkable Gascoyne Region of Western Australia and climb the ‘World’s Largest Rock’ at twice the size of Uluru - Mount Augustus. (WA)
90. Traverse Wellinton Park in hiking boots, in a 4WD, on a bike or on a horse - all possibilities at Hobart's Hill - Mount Wellington. (TAS)
91. Feel like a bit of 'outback' nostalgia and culture - then post yourself along the Coober Pedy Mail Run, a postal contract visiting remote destinations along the Oodnadatta Track. (SA)
92. Join the march and go see the famous migration of Gecarcoidea natalis a 60 million strong army of Red Crabs that make a pilgrimage across Christmas Island every season. (WA)
93. Learn to cook from a master chef, enjoy a beer, buy fresh produce, see talented craftsman or just shop at The Queen Victoria Markets - all 17 acres established in 1878. (VIC)
94. Rug up and sign on board an ice ship departing Hobart and cruising the sub-Antarctic islands to Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica – part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. (A.A.T.)
95. Be the tallest person in the country when you stand on top of Mt Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain and a relatively easy climb. (NSW)
96. Cruise and view one of the country’s most spectacular coastlines from a different perspective - aboard one of the many ships visiting the amazing Kimberley Coast. (WA)
97. Sail from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and never once smell the sea – do it aboard the Indian Pacific - a classic train journey across the continent. (Trans-Cont)
98. Launch yourself above the canopy of the Cairns rainforest and hang for a 7.5 km flight to Kuranda suspended by a single cable on The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. (QLD)
99. Toss a coin to decide between the breathtaking coastline or the snaking gorges of Kalbarri before relaxing on the white sand beaches of the town. (WA)
100. Drive across the southern ocean to Kangaroo Island on board a sea ferry and explore this 155km long island that has a new beach and bay around every corner. (SA)
101. Navigate the pure south west Tasmanian waters of the Pieman River aboard this waterways solitary vessel – The Arcadia 2 - a romantic old cruiser plying a gentle trade. (TAS)

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