Goldsworthy Pit

The old Goldsworthy town site is located nearly 100km east of Port Hedland, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Established on the Pastoral lease of Pardoo Station the town provided support for the first iron ore mine in the Pilbara.

Established in 1962 by Utah International and disbanded in 1994 Goldsworthy was home to about 4000 people at its peak. Streets were named after the local rivers and features and their names can still located on GPS navigation systems today. Only patches of bitumen remain from the old town roads and if it would be very easy to travel past the old town site and miss it completely.

An old railway line still runs out to the pit which is located very close to the town in a southerly direction but it is in disrepair and overgrown. The proximity of the pit to the town was often the cause for complaint about the red dust that infected everything in town, although this is common to any town located near excavated iron ore.

The pit itself is quite visually stunning. Large and left virtually intact, the barricading easy to circumvent, the pit has flooded with time. It is a huge mass of water, a treasure to find, in a place usually very dry without seasonal cyclonic rains. The water is a deep cobalt blue with a surface area large enough to water-ski on and the high red cliffs of the pit frame the scene perfectly.

Readers Contributions

John Cuthbert -

- I have stood and looked up from the bottom of this pit ! I used to work in Goldsworthy 1980-1983. You could not find nicer people anywhere else on this planet!

Rob Lennard

- grew up there from '66' to 76. returned for a few years till good ole BHP shut the shop.

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