Windscreen Repair Kits

We have learned to accept that we will require a new windscreen at least once a year.

It is not possible to travel vast distances on gravel roads or live in heavily industrialised towns and avoid windscreen damage. Places where road trains, carrying iron ore, manganese, salt or plain old dirt, pepper the highways with falling rocks.

windscreen repair kit

Combine all this road debris with traffic that consists primarily of four wheel drive vehicles fitted with chunky tyres that flick up rocks, and you may as well forget having a windscreen at all.

The Damage

We have seen big rocks punched right through the front and rear windows of brand new utes and windscreens chipped the day they were replaced.

We have been overtaken at high speed on a gravel road to discover 6 individual star chips appear in the windscreen from behind the subsiding dust.

We resolved to put up with it and just replace windscreens on a regular basis until we found these windscreen repair kits.

We buy these online or pick them up from auto stores for about $30 per kit.

We haven’t tried another brand because we haven’t seen another brand. I assume they exist, we just don’t get around to large parts supply stores that often.

The Solution

The kit comes supplied with a spider shaped applicator that virtually forces the supplied resin into the crack in the windscreen. A razor blade and some polycarbonate curing strips complete the contents.

The instructions are concise and clear and if you take your time and follow them accordingly the results are stellar.

By carrying the kit in the car while touring, and attending to chips and cracks as they occur - before they have a chance to worsen, it is possible to make a repair and be unable to tell where the damage occurred.

It is a matter of getting the patched section impeccably clean, being patient with the application and the curing time and the result can be the difference between needing a new windscreen or not.

Having the kit is especially useful on trips where damage occurs right in the middle of your vision. The ability to repair it and carry on without distraction is invaluable.

The Downside

The only complaint is the small amount of resin supplied with each kit and it appears the lack of available refills. This means that you must buy the complete kit when the resin is finished and the applicator is still like new.

This kit has become a permanent addition to our box of essentials like the mini torch, tyre pressure gauge, Staun tyre deflators and the Tic-Tacs.

(sidenote: refills of the resin have become available online making these kits even better value)

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