A Great 4WD & Camping Shovel

What type of shovel makes the best Camping/4WD all-round type of implement?

It’s hard to go past a good sturdy, long handled square mouth shovel.

Pay up to fifty dollars and get something made of heavy gauge steel with good reinforcing where the blade joins the hosel.

Thick, round handles are much kinder on hands than thin handles and a thick, strong handle means it can be used as a lever more readily

A square mouth generally carries more dirt than a pointed shovel – much appreciated when you’re pulling the 60th shovelful from under the 4WD. It also provides a stronger leading edge for cutting into really hard surfaces.

The long handle means being able to reach in under things and not having to get your whole body involved in the job at hand. It also makes digging deep holes easy.

I like wooden handles until they splinter and lodge in your hand. Some people like fibreglass handles until they really need to use them and they wear the skin off their hands.

Tip: Have a look at the type of shovel that people who use them all day for work use. Plumbers & gardeners etc.

Uses For A Shovel
troop carrier on sand dune
  1. Extract a bogged vehicle from sand or mud.
  2. Rehabilitate the ground after extracting a bogged vehicle from sand or mud.
  3. Lifting and levering the spare wheel on and off the hub and carrier bolts.
  4. Heating over a fire and cooking a sausage on.
  5. Digging a little hole for little jobs.
  6. Digging a big hole for big jobs.
  7. Clearing debris from the tent location.
  8. As a fishing net to land a monster.
  9. Bash a snake and chop its head off.
  10. Dig a long drop toilet.
  11. Dig a short drop toilet.
  12. Use the edge as an machete to clear scrub and bush.
  13. Use the edge as an axe to cut firewood.
  14. Dig a trench around the campsite before it floods.
  15. Prospect for gold.
  16. Lever out tent pegs.
  17. Load coals onto the lid of the camp oven.
  18. Slide a pizza into a makeshift pizza oven.
  19. Disarm a dingo trap.
  20. Dig the fire pit.
  21. Knock native fruit out of trees.
  22. Get the kids kite out of the same trees.
  23. Replacement oar for the forgotten paddles.
  24. As a pole to save someone from a fast flowing river.
  25. As a splint for a broken limb.
  26. Chase the dog with it because he stole the last sausage.
  27. Put out the campfire.
  28. As a spare tentpole.
  29. Lay on a tarp to hold it down.
  30. As a stabilized base for The Hi-Lift Jack.
  31. Temporary walking crutch.
  32. To help manoeuvre your wheel into place so you don't break your back changing a flat tyre.

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