Chicken Sandwich Wrap
Chicken Sandwich Wrap

This is a quick knock-up meal that can be cooked at home or at camp for an easy lunch or snack.

The simplest method to cook it at home is to slip the wrap into an oven for 10 - 15 minutes until the cheese has melted and the wrap has crisped a little.

If you're in the bush try it in a hot camp oven, on a trivet, with a few hot coals on the lid to create an oven like environment. Another option is to line a large frypan with a piece of a baking paper and cook it over a low heat. Add another piece of baking paper on top of the wrap and gently turn the whole thing so it cooks on both sides. Keep a lid on the frypan to help force the heat through the wrap.

Wraps make for an easy meal and are are reasonably healthy substitute for regular bread. They keep a lot better in the camping supplies box than bread as well.

We found these orange, Sun Dried Tomato and Basil wraps at a tiny roadside supermarket. They taste and look great.


A cooked chicken breast. We coated it inside a plastic bag with some salt, pepper, harissa (a Tunisian chilli/spice preparation), pomegranate sauce and lemon juice, to give it some zing, and then pan fried it.

2 large Turkish style wraps

1 cup of grated cheese. Try a combination of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar.

½ cup of sliced red onion

1 cup baby spinach leaves


Sprinkle ½ the cheese on one wrap.

Slice the chicken finely and distribute evenly over the cheese.

Top the chicken with the sliced onion and follow with the baby spinach.

Finally sprinkle the remaining cheese over the spinach and top with the remaining wrap.

Cook by any of the methods mentioned above. If you use the baking paper in a frypan method, then the aim is to cook the wrap until the cheese begins to melt, before turning it over. This binds the wrap together making it a simple procedure to flip the lot using the baking paper as a type of spatula. Just add the top layer of paper, pinch both papers together and turn the lot - wraps, filling and all. When the other side is cooked the wrap will slide out with the baking paper for easy cutting. Any paper overhanging into a campfire will catch on fire.

The aim is to cook the wrap until the cheese melts and binds all the ingredients together. You want the wrap to just brown slightly.

Halve it for a complete meal for two or cut into wedges for a snack to be enjoyed with a beer or wine.

Try a little - Hot Mango Salsa. as a side relish with this sandwich.

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