The Aboriginal Cook and the Chef: Camp Oven Damper
Aunty Junie making damper

If you think this is a mock up or a joke then you're wrong. This is the real deal. Aunty Junie Pederson has spent a lifetime as a camp cook in the rugged Kimberley Region of Western Australia. If you're thinking that it's a pretty harsh kitchen then by camp standards it's actually pretty good. Aunty Junie would be used to knocking up a meal in far worse conditions than these. Camps cooks on remote cattle stations need to be able to whip up the day's bread and a hearty breakfast long before the sun gets up. They cook for teams of stockmen who spend long hours on a horse or motorbike and work up big appetites. The food is usually simple, hearty and plentiful and a bad cook means an unhappy crew.

In this video Aunty Junie shows her old friend, head stockman Roy Wilson, how to put together her famous camp oven damper (camp bread).

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