2013 Outback Photograph Competition - 'Devils Marbles'

Entrant: Carl Santilli

Title: Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles


A couple of years ago during the month of June my brother and I together with our wives embarked on an all terrain adventure in our Landcruiser Prado's, comfortably taking us through the centre, from Melbourne to South Australia, Northern Territory and north Western Australia. We visited many amazing places such as Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and surrounds, Tennant Creek, Katherine, Kununura, El Questro and up to Kakadu on our return trip. We took many photos, several hundred in fact. We found many amazing places, one memorable one was the Devil's Marbles that we were lucky enough to get just the right sunset light on those amazing boulders. The Wikipedia describes the formations: "The area is located near Wauchope, 114km south of Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory. The site is known as Karlu Karlu to the land's Aboriginal traditional owners. The ‘Devil’s Marbles’ or ‘Karlu Karlu’ with its gigantic, rounded granite boulders, some spectacularly poised, is a remarkable landscape. Scattered clusters of these ‘marbles’ are spread across a wide, shallow valley. The Devil’s Marbles is a nationally and internationally recognised symbol of Australia’s outback."

I am glad to have experienced the many wonders of this great country of ours and we all feel that we do not need to go overseas till we see it all right here.

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