Microfibre Hiking and Camping Towels

f you read the articles Camping Utensils or Hiking Envy you will know we get extremely jealous of all the hi-tech, ultra light, super compact utensils that the hiking community gets to play with and use.

You will also understand that like most sane, normal people we have no intention of spending days and nights traipsing along some stinking hot or soaking wet walk trail.

We are happy to 4WD to our chosen camping site and set up camp with all the luxury and convenience we can drag along.

However, if it works better and is lighter and more convenient, then we are more than happy to add specially made hiking gear to our camping arsenal.

camping towels drying
New Technology

A fantastic development in recent years has been modern weaving techniques and new fibres for the making of lightweight towelling products.

Old style heavy cotton bath towels have always been a hindrance on camping trips, mostly because of size and long drying times.

Modern microfiber towels are extremely light weight and quick drying. They roll and fold up into neat compact shapes, (small enough to poke away inside a shoe if you really had to), yet still manage to perform their designated job of drying you off better than most cotton towels.

They weigh next to nothing; even when wet, making them secure to hang up on even the most flimsy of temporary clothes lines. Thanks to the towelling weave they are capable of drying in minutes in warmer weather.

Mostly they are sold rolled up in a mesh stowage bag which makes storing them wet quite possible.

Our towels have a press-stud hanging strap designed so they can hang from a backpack and dry while walking.


Amazingly, comfort is not sacrificed for form and this style of towel remains constantly soft, regardless of washing technique or water quality.

They are not cheap, costing around $30 per towel but the longevity and convenience mean a small investment in a towel will be easily recouped in a product that doesn’t seem to wear out.

Just don’t expect to be able to luxuriate in a massive wrap around bath sheet in sub zero temperatures.

These things are made for a quick, effective drying after a bathe in a creek and then a shake-dry before pulling on the hiking boots and continuing along the track.

It’s just no one told the hiking fraternity that these towels are good enough to use at home.

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