Camping Barbeque Hotplate

Whenever we want to sizzle a sausage, sauté some shellfish, scald some sweet-corn, scorch a sandwich, scald a schnapper, simmer some scallops, sear some squid or just singe a steak invariably we reach for this barbecue plate.

If you read the article on a Great Camping Stove you will know we went to a fair amount of trouble to get exactly what we wanted. Not long after replacing our old stove with this one we decided that a new hot plate was in order and we left on a Friday to make the 400km trip to buy the new barbeque.

camping hotplate on gas stove

This hotplate is made by Coleman who just seem to keep coming up with the goods as far as camping equipment goes. It is marketed as the Coleman Non-Stick Griddle and is constructed from 3mm to 4mm cast aluminium and has what I assume is a non-stick Teflon coating.

A small sloping groove runs around the perimeter of the plate draining into a deeper reservoir. Unlike some hot plates that require excess oil to be constantly pushed to one end this barbeque drains readily.

In Use

At 470mm long, 260mm wide and 50mm high it is big enough to handle most cooking chores but no so big as to be cumbersome. It will probably handle a family of 4 with comfort stretching to 6 or 8 when needed. It handles 4 rounds of toasted sandwiches easily and could be pushed for double that.

We have quite often used this plate to straddle 2 gas rings, inside, on a regular domestic stove.

The aluminium base heats and cools quickly and heat dispersion is even, showing that the quality of the aluminium is high.

The base of the barbeque plate has 4 moulded feet which slip onto the grill of our gas stove perfectly (same brand –seems logical) and locks it in place. I don’t know how compatible it is with other Coleman models but I assume if it will straddle your particular style of stove it will work fine.

Over Time

All in all this addition to our camping cookware has proven invaluable. We replaced a very expensive big name frypan with this plate and couldn’t be happier.

The Teflon surface is holding up well and is super easy to clean.

We usually use an open style grid to cook over fires so we can’t attest to this barbeques ability to withstand the immense heat of a wood fuelled campfire.

All in all this is a great product we wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

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