Where is the Outback?

Have you been searching for the Australian Outback and struggling to find it? It’s probably because you’ve been looking in the wrong places. Understanding where the Outback is - means understanding where it's not.

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Tyre Pressure for Sand

In deep, hungry sand the key to maintaining forward momentum is tyre pressure. Understand how tyre pressure affects a vehicle's traction and you vastly improve your chances of driving out of trouble.

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Working on Stations

Whether it is the Pindan of Western Australia, the lush wetlands of the Northern Territory or the rolling grasslands of Queensland, working and living on an Australian cattle station can be an enlightening experi...

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‣ Parts of Africa and the Middle East share similarities in remoteness but inland Australia offers a few challenges unique to the outback. In Outback Travel Guide
‣ For many visitors Australia is considered a place where the people probably won’t hurt you but the animals and bugs might. In Dangerous Australian Animals
‣ But for a 4WD it is an endurance event and often a race to see which suspect component is the first to succumb to the rigours of the bush. In 4x4 Trip Preparation
‣ Single dish meals make great camping food and Paella excels at tasting great while still managing to be a complete meal. In Prawn & Chorizo Paella
‣ For most people the largest cost of any extended road trip is going to be fuel. A few simple techniques can help relieve some of the pain. In Touring & Saving Fuel
‣ Most stranded people who die in the Australian bush do so because they make fundamental errors in judgement. It's poor decisions that kill. In Outback Survival Guide
‣ On the outskirts of any town, along the beaches and roadside stops, are a variety of people who have set-up camp for the night. In Roadside Camping
‣ Most of us grew up with these songs and can mumble a few lines or the chorus by heart. Standards like Berry's - 'Promised Land'. In 100 Greatest Road Songs
‣ More than any other type of four wheel driving, picking and climbing through rocks requires a real feel for the vehicle. In Driving on Rocks
‣ All the towns mentioned here claim to hold a record under one or more criteria but we wanted to find out which town is truly the hottest. In Australia's Hottest Town

- information and techniques on driving, equipping and recovering a 4WD vehicle


Over 3,300 free camping sites throughout Australia. This interactive map will help you locate the perfect campsite for your next overnighter or extended stay.

- everything you need to know about touring outback Australia